I’m fixing and retopoligizing models ripped from Frozen: Free Fall game using Blender 2.70, Autodesk Entertainment Creation Suite Ultimate 2015 (mostly only using the 3ds Max), Wings 3D, Metasequoia 4, and ZBrush 4R6. Thanks to 0-0-alice-0-0 from DeviantArt for ripping the models and adding some missing parts. Currently, I’m editting Elsa.

Works done to Elsa’s 3D model:

- Model smoothened

- Textures sharpened

- Cape height fixed

- Dress (the part near the right leg) has been cut

Not done Elsa’s 3D model yet:

- Transparency fix

- Fingernails

- Enriched textures

- Retopology

- Hair fibermeshes (or particles)

- Legs improvements

- Re-rigging (skeletons)

Here’s the screenshot from Blender 3D: :p


I will render the model using mental ray or Renderman later…

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